Instrumental Music
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Instrumental Music

The instrumental music program allows students to perform with other young musicians from around the Lehigh Valley. Students will learn the fundamentals of music performance, including but not limited to: scale studies, rhythm studies, dynamics, articulations, and sight-reading. They will be exposed to a variety of musical styles and genres as they perform in concerts and participate in workshops.

Students are required to keep a journal in their instrumental classes. These journals include vocabulary words, practice records, class notes, and music-related critical thinking questions. Students will complete self-evaluations throughout the course of the school year. They will critique their playing and use critical thinking skills to set goals on how to continue to improve.

Beyond the Ensembles

Outside of their performance ensembles, music students experience a rich curriculum in music appreciation by taking part in music theory and music history classes twice each week. The goal of these courses is to create knowledgeable and independent musicians. Upon admission, students take a music theory pre-test and are subsequently placed in a class with students with similar skills and experience. Students at all levels will experience instructional units on note reading in both treble and bass clefs and rhythmic reading. Other topics include key signatures, time signatures, accidentals and basic music composition.

Music history courses allow students to explore how musical sound has changed from the earliest known music to today. Students learn about each period of music history, world music, notable composers and artists and musical instruments.