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Executive Director
Thank you for your interest in the Arts Academy Charter Middle School.


Serving the needs and dreams of student artists from more than 21 parent school districts, the Arts Academy opened its doors in August, 2012. Our dedicated faculty and staff were privileged to work with 350 students in grades 5 through 8.


As a public charter school we are able to offer a fully-accredited academic program with special focus on six performing arts: Dance, Instrumental Music, Vocal Music, Theater, Visual Arts and Figure Skating. Our classroom size is 25 or less, thus affording our talented teachers the opportunity to give greater attention to the individual needs of each student.


We remain steadfast in our belief that the arts matter. Further, we remain fully committed to fostering the dreams and aspirations of every student in our care while maintaining the highest level of academic achievement.


Your inquiries and issues are welcome. Please feel free to contact our school at any time. Of course, you can contact me directly if you feel the need.


Very truly yours,

William M. Fitzpatrick
Executive Director